The motto of Frau Wagner…. recycle to sexiness – recycle to phantasie – upcycle to the future!
Duration and change, black and white, inside or outside, Grace Kelly versus Amy Winehouse…I am interested in contrasts. I process clothing with a distinctive social code for example uniforms, sportswear or gentlemen’s shirts and look for an antithetic context. Old, discarded commodities become an individual item – men’s ties are reborn as swishing skirts, an old police uniform turns into a lascivious bustier dress and sportswear transforms into elegant evening attire. In other words: I would love so much to tailor a blouse for Madonna that is made of Helge Schneider´s underpants or vice versa! A sustainable hobby of Frau Wagner is to operate on her bike through Berlin and collect personally the provided items for the next collection.

Look Book